$5 D70 workshop

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Mar 8, 2004
Have any D70 user attended the $5 D70 workshop at Safra?
Any comment on it?

Attended last Saturday's session. It's tailored more for newbies to photography. IMHO, those with some photography experience and knowledge on aperture, shutter, dpi(ppi) and image size need not attend. Very general stuff, only certain settings, mode dial usage are more D70 orientated.

I initially enrolled thinking I can get to learn how to make the most out of D70. But it's not the case.

is there any more of this workshop gg to be conducted?


There's actually one session this coming Saturday, 19th June at SAFRA Bukit Merah at 2pm which Mr and Mrs Gymrat has signed up for. However, we both can't make it now, so if you want, I can just email the guy to replace our names with yours, if you want. Just PM me with the required information for the session and I'll forward to the person in charge:

1. Full name
3. COntact number
4. Email address
5. D70 serial number
6. Place of purchase

The cost of the seminar is $5.25, payable at the front counter at SAFRA on the day itself. Remember there are TWO places available, so whoever PMs me first I'll help you out :)


...and was bored to tears.

It's more for real basic users and even basic newbies to photography. I was there for the 1st session, paid the $5 + and (warning) if you're not a SAFRA member, be prepared to pay the huge parking fee (unless you want to squeeze with the IKEA crowd) :thumbsd:

The only thing that is good is that:
1. Speaker is patient and obliging,

2. Speker knows a lot on photography but a newbie to Nikon cameras as well ("I use to be a Canon user until this(D70) camera came along" was his opening phrase) hmmmm :think:

3. Cheap (except parking)

4. Get to meet other serious photogs and D70 users (who are also bored to tears :cry: ) and be naughty boys by sitting at the back of the classroom talking away.

Why I'm so...er...pissed...

1. ROB - Rich Old B******s: Retirees who are loaded, going to Alaska or Canadian Rockies, buying the D70 ("The salesman say it is the best now") and asking questions like "What is Aperture?"

2. ROB: What's worse is that after the speaker painstakingly explains the BASICs of photography, those ROB then say that they will use the preset modes (portrait, landscape etc...) because "wah...too confusing" ;(

3. Read the manual : What can you expect from a person who's opening phrase was..."I use to be a Canon user until this(D70) camera came along"

Read the Manual: Seriously and religiously. It's not that tough. Just plough thru it for a few nights, take test shots of your own legs, pets, computer mouse etc...then, who know...you could run your very own D70 workshop at your CC and if you do....tell me ;p

So...unless you want to feel like you've stepped into the 'Advance Corner' of the Senior Citizen's Section of our local RCs...Save your time...save the $5+ ...save the torture of seeing ROBs buy a legendary camera and going to exotic places w/out a 2nd thought and us here saving our a** off and to have the ROBs use only the preset modes....Life can be fairer.

Note: Due respect to senior citizens but...you ain't seen the type I saw at the first session man! They were inquisitive, they were rich and...they were confused and for some, they just gave up learning.

:bsmilie: :bsmilie: That was pretty funny.. in a way, I'm glad I can't make it now :D Still, for those who are totally new to photography and the D70, my 2 places are still available. Will hold until tomorrow and if nobody wants by then, will email SAFRA to cancel our places


Was there the last session...with naughty boys chatting at the last row while teacher was teaching :bsmilie: :blah:

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