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  • Hi JediKnight,

    Really sorry for the late reply. Try to stays away from the internet on weekend as need more time with family. :p.

    Thanks again for liking my work and really really flattered by you kind words. Once again thank you.

    You can use the image if you want but do let me know, as a courtesy and really, I do not mind. When I receive your msg, I was "Wow! Someone does like my work." :) Cause I do receive bad comments and also they not liking the way the image is being processed and all.

    Anyway it is ok, do let me know if you really wants to use the images yea! Once again, thank you for your kind words!

    Hi there,

    First of all, glad to know you like the work done and effects.

    But not using LucisArt plugin to get the effects. Most of d PP done in Photomatix - Tone Mapping and Curve + Brightness/Contrast in Photoshop.

    What I did is fine tune the shot taken earlier; eg, 3 shots in RAW (better convert TIFF format for more details but at times, I just use Jpeg cause lazy to wait..:p) with diff exp with using Curve in Photoshop.

    Then map it together in Photomatix but fine tweaking under tone mapping the lighting and all starts from very low setting and fine tune till you get what you want without halo-ing (too much contrast). Then process it and fine tune again at Photoshop.
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