YSLee, use your telescope!!!

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Jan 18, 2002
Saw this at dpreview. Show us Jupiter and Saturn!!! :)


The following is from "SpaceWeather":

Something extraordinary is happening on the planet Jupiter in full view of amateur astronomers: Two gigantic storms are interacting. One is a "white oval" -- a 70-year old hurricane nearly the size of Earth. The other is the famous Great Red Spot -- a centuries-old tempest twice as wide as our planet. Sky watchers with 6" to 10" telescopes can view the action on clear nights with good atmospheric seeing.

BTW - now is also a great time to try photographing Saturn. The planet is oriented such that the tilt of the rings toward Earth is at their greatest. This also allows for good views of the planet's south pole.

Hee Hee, I read that at Space.com on my palm. More info there


The White Oval was formed when a few other oval 'storms' merged.

It is believe that the interaction would have a greater effect on the Great red spot then the whote oval. The last time an 'interaction" between the red spot and another storm led to the great spot losing its 'redness' for decades.

Dun think his telescope can reach it. He'll need a real Celestron! Those things tht cost like $30k :p

hehe i think he needs something like 200 times optical zoom to see saturn's rings.

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