X EDITION 2018 - Asia’s Largest Photography Hotel Art Fair


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Aug 2, 2018
X EDITION 2018 - Asia’s Largest Photography Hotel Art Fair, is an art fair designed to showcase the vibrant culture and diversity of visual arts globally. Bringing together the world's leading art galleries and international photo artists in the luxurious setting of Regent Singapore - a Four Seasons Hotel, the fair features interactive and engaging programmes where visitors can learn about photo art techniques, new technologies and processes.

Held in conjunction with Singapore’s F1 Season from 7 to 9 September, X EDITION will feature special speaker series on various photo techniques including the dynamics of Automobile Sports Photography and Fast Speed Lighting Photography. True to its pluralistic principles and providing immersive experiences for visitors, a broad range of subjects, including street, art, action and documentary photography, will be presented with sculpture, installation, media and performance art.

X EDITION will be an annual destination for new and established art collectors, photographers, international art patrons and art lovers from around the region with leading regional and international art galleries and photographers presenting contemporary photo art, and some of the world’s best photo artworks.

The art fair has also been selected by STB as a partner of 2018 Grand Prix Season Singapore (GPSS), further promoting Singapore as a robust and vibrant arts platform, home to broad and diverse range of artists and arts groups that are well-regarded in locally and abroad.

For more information, please visit www.xedition.info. Admission is Free. Sign up now as the first 100 guests get to visit a mystery goodie bag!

About Billy Mork
Billy Mork is the Founder and art curator of X EDITION, specialising in black and white fine art photography and printing. Currently, he is an associate partner and executive chief curator of The Canvas Gallery. Besides operating in a fibre-based hand print custom black and white lab, Billy’s lab is the only lab in Singapore to hand print high quality archival black and white enlargements on non-resin coated photographic paper of up to 1.2 by 1.4 metres. A strong advocate of the arts, Billy seeks to champion an activation of the photo visual arts form, an universal language which not only seeks to inform, motivate and stimulate but also elicit emotions through a medium that is both powerful and sensitive.


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