WTSell: Rangefinder - Leica M9 w/flash/battery/black dot

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Jul 11, 2007
Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

Equipment Type: Rangefinder
Equipment Brand: Leica
Equipment Model: M9 w/flash/battery/black dot
Price (S$): $9100

I'm just putting this up to see the type of response I get.. I'm not interested in selling the camera at a lower price then $9,100

What I'm including is a M9 with full box and accessories. The camera is in like new condition with around 4059 on the shutter. It was purchased in Late April of 2010 and comes with reminder of the warranty. The camera has a black dot on it, not a red one, but I will supply you with 1 red dot if you decide to change it back, although it's much more stealthy this way, and attracts less attention.

I will toss in a third party battery, which holds a longer charge then the original. Good for a backup etc.

I will also toss in a SF-24D flash since I won't have a use for it if I sell the M9..

No real hurry to sell, and if you have an intention to buy (cash in hand), you can come view the camera.

I'm also selling a few lenses on the other forum.
21 ZM 4.5
28 CV 2.0
50 ZM 2.0
And if the camera sells, I also have a 50 ZM 1.5 w/hood..
I'll give anyone who buys the camera a slight discount if they add a lens to the purchase.

Real Name: adam

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 10
Warranty Status: 1y+

All lenses are black guys.

A few inquiries, nothing solid..
I'm still tossed between selling or not, so this is really just a feeler, so there's no need to quote me a low price. As I'm not keen to sell for anything under $9k

Also, won't sell the 50 1.5 until the M9 is sold, if I did decide to sell it, I would just post a new posting for it in the lens section..


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