WTSell: Mirrorless - Nikon Nikon Z7 + NIKKOR Z 24-70MM F/4 S


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Feb 19, 2024
Classifieds Type: WTSell

Equipment Type: Mirrorless

Brand: Nikon

Short Description: Nikon Z7 + NIKKOR Z 24-70MM F/4 S

Price (S$): 3300

Condition of Item(s): 9

Detailed Description:
Barely used this at all.
Comes with:
1 x Nikon Z 7 II digital camera body
1 x NIKKOR Z 24-70MM F/4 S Lens
1 x Battery
1 x Body cap
1 x Charger
1 x Strap
1 x Cable Clip
1 x USB Cable

Shutter count: 1705

Only scratch is on the front of the body, beside the fn1/fn2 buttons on the leather area. See last picture.

Bought this from Harvey Norman and they gave me a dehumidifier box (on the receipt this is a SAMURAI DRY CABINET GP25L), will throw that in as well.

Open to negotiations.

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Dropping to 3.2k. Still negotiable.

got some questions via whatsapp asking what's included, here's the list of things that came with the kit.


here's an official link to the nikon store website detailing what's included.


dropping this to 3k.