WTSell: Lens - Nikon Nikon 3.5cm f1.8 W-Nikkor


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Aug 12, 2007
Classifieds Type: WTSell

Equipment Type: Lens

Brand: Nikon

Short Description: Nikon 3.5cm f1.8 W-Nikkor

Price (S$): 888 (please read)

Condition of Item(s): 6

Detailed Description:
Selling a Nikon 35mm / 3.5cm f1.8 W-Nikkor S mount. The lens is labelled as "US Pat. J Pat." and of approximately 8291 S-mount 3.5cm f1.8s, only 1413 of them were labelled as such (there may be even less than this - I read a post that there are 1164 copies). The LTM version of this lens currently goes for over $7000 (not mint).

Lens will be sold as-is. The lens exterior is in quite good shape and has no oil on aperture blades, but the glass has dust and scratches and there seems to be fungus behind the front element. I have sunned the lens and put it under UV light. No lens caps. Camera in pic not included.

Name: Chas

Phone Number:
Eight163 978three (WhatsApp)

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Revising price to $800. I use another copy on my Zf via a Nikon S to Leica M adapter + Leica M to Nikon Z adapter and it gives me a nimble Nikon setup

$750. Price is fixed

$750, price fixed. Can add $45 for a Nikon S to Leica M adapter (Yeenon) for the lens to then be used on a mirrorless body (e.g. via Leica M to Nikon Z adapter).