WTSell: Filter - Other Photography Accessories & Film Camera


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Jul 14, 2008
Classifieds Type: WTSell

Equipment Type: Filter

Brand: Other

Short Description: Photography Accessories & Film Camera

Price (S$): Start from $10

Condition of Item(s): Mint

Detailed Description:
Give up some photography film camera, lens filter and accessories. Feel free to PM. All different prices.
Sold As-Is. Self-collect at Changi City Point or Expo MRT during lunchtime on weekdays.
Or after 7 pm at Punggol Meridian LRT. Those items more than $50 and above can be arranged around the East-West Line starting from City Hall to Changi or the North-East Line starting from Outram to Punggol.

1. Kenko 49mm ZS-Cyclone (Made in Japan)
2. Kenko 49mm ZS-Radial 49mm (Made in Japan)
3. Kenko 55mm CPL (Made in Japan) Defect
4. Toshiba 49mm SL-1A (Made in Japan)
5. Vivitar 52mm CPL (Made in Japan)
6. Hoya 49mm Star-Eight (Made in Japan)
7. Kenlock 49mm (Special Effect)
8. Hoya 49mm Half Color (Made in Japan) Defect
9. Hoya 49mm UV(O) (Made in Japan) Defect
10. Hoya HMC 67mm ND8 (Made in Japan)
11. Hoya 49mm Multivision (Made in Japan)
12. Hoya 49mm Dual Image (Made in Japan) Defect with 52-49 Step Up Ring
13. Bueno 49mm Triangle (Made in Japan)
14. Vivitar Automatic Tele Converter 2X-3 For Nikon (Made in Japan)
15. Nikon pk-11A (8)
16. Nikon pk-12 (14)
17. Nikon pk-13 (27.5)
18. Vivitar 2X-3 MC Tele Converter (Made in Japan) for Nikon
19. Meike FC100 Flash Gun Micro Ring
20. Nikon MB-D12 for Nikon D800/800E (3rd party) Extra AA Batteries Case
21. Yongnuo YN622N & YN622N-TX Wireless Flash Trigger Transceiver (x2) & Controller
22. Kodak M35 Film Camera (Brand New)
23. Superheadz Super Fat Lens (Harikin)
24. Diana F Mini & Flash F+ and Adapter
25. Lomography Fisheye 2
26. Nikon Pronea S with 30-60mm f/4-5.6 Lenses
27. Nikon F75
28. Peak Design Nikon Lens Kit Adapter for the Peak Design Capture system
29. Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 - DIY (Made in Japan)
30. Raynox Super Macro Conversion Lens DCR-250 (Made in Japan)
31. 37mm-77mm Step Up or Down Ring
32. 37mm-82mm Step Up or Down Ring
33. Kenko 52mm MC Close Up No.2 (f500) (Made in Japan)
34. 58mm UV Filter (PH737)
35. 67mm UV Filter (PH738)
36. Moment V2 Lens Adapter

Name: Simon

Phone Number:
9I8OO7I3 (whatsapp)

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15. Nikon pk-11A (8) - Sold
16. Nikon pk-12 (14)- Sold
17. Nikon pk-13 (27.5)- Sold
30. Raynox Super Macro Conversion Lens DCR-250 (Made in Japan)- Sold