WTSell: DSLR - Pentax Infrared Modified K100D + 1GB SD + Chargeable Batteries

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Feb 16, 2005
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Equipment Type: DSLR
Equipment Brand: Pentax
Equipment Model: Infrared Modified K100D + 1GB SD + Chargeable Batteries
Price (S$): $850, $1000 with new 18-55 AL II
Hi Guys,

I am selling my beloved IR Modified K100D that I have just acquired through a good friend. Here is my cost breakdown that I paid for this thing.

K100D Body $500
IR Conversion done from China including shipment two way $350
Re-Chargeable batteries $20

Just got it two weeks ago and suddenly there is a need of cash and here I am about to sell of all my camera equipment! The Modified K100D is the first to go.

Every thing is perfectly working including SR.

There is some slight dust in the view finder but I will get it cleaned before some one picks it up from me.

You can check my flickr there are some very cool IR shots done within the last two weeks :(

Condition is very good! no paint off, no scratches both the LCDs are clean. No dust on the sensor etc.

Willing to let go @ just $850. following is the BRAND new 18-55 AL II kit lens jusr received from Amazon. Have just taken out of the box to see if all every thing is fine. Can let go for just $160

So this ultimate IR kit with the new 18-55 AL II is going for $1000 only

Here are some pics with K100D + DA 18-250



Real Name: Faisal
Contact Number: 97328499

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 9
Warranty Status: NA

Body Cap, Cables, Strap, Enelope Chargeable batteries, 1GB SD Card

Additional Comments:
As promissed, I will get the dust in the viewfinder cleaned up before any one picks it up from me.

Its a very good deal for some one trying to venture into IR realms!

Prices are slightly negotiable but not much...

Thanks for looking, hoping to sell it off during the weekend to help my parents.
PM / SMS me to deal immediately.

Will give away this beauty with the New DA 18-55 AL II kit lens for $850!!!

Great offer for any one who wants a perfect IR camera :thumbsup:


I bought this for $850 as a modified used camera

Letting go after 1 month use for only $700

Any one to offer gets it

Price is still nego :embrass:

Willing to let go for $700 only

Any one to offer $750 will get the Brand New Kit Lens "AL II" as a freeee gift :)

Very good offer if you ask me, I just got this lens for $145 USD :embrass:

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