WTSell: Compact - Canon S5 IS c/w 33 months Warranty

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Jun 28, 2008
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Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

Equipment Type: Compact
Equipment Brand: Canon
Equipment Model: S5 IS c/w 33 months Warranty
Price (S$): 600 c/w paid Extended Warranty
Hi Folks,

Revised my price thou bought from courts at $699 and additional $123 for Extended Warranty. Read in the thread that others are selling brand new at $620. Seems like its inevitable but to absord more loses.

Camera only 3.5 month old - (light use)

Reason to sell is to get a 40D

Item include:
1. Warranty : Canon warranty balance 12 months + Courts Extended Warranty for 36 months (balance 33 months) coverage include Accidental Damage

2. Standard items like 4GB card, cable, bag, re-chargable batteries etc.

Real Name: Jayson
Contact Number: 97667262
Email Address: mitlancer71@yahoo.com.sg

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 10
Warranty Status: 33 months balance

Additional Comments:
Its a great buy considering its as good as new & the Extended Warranty worth $123.00 which covers Accidental damages.

A brief description on the Extended Warranty Plus which bundle with this sales:-

(a) Unlimtited Repairs & replacement
(b) Unlimited repairs even product has been replaced
(c) Replacement after 3 repairs
(d) Accidental Damage Cover repair when product is damaged by physical impact or spilled liquids, include crack screen replaced.
(e) Power Surge Protection

Note:- These are extracts from the Courts Care --- Extended Warranty Plus which i bought for coverage for the camera.

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