WTBuy: Lens - Olympus WTB for newbie - Lenses and camera accessories


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Apr 23, 2024
Classifieds Type: WTBuy

Equipment Type: Lens

Brand: Olympus

Short Description: WTB for newbie - Lenses and camera accessories

Price (S$): 500

Condition of Item(s): 8

Detailed Description:

I'm completely new and recently bought an E-M1 MK II body. Just battery, charger included. No kit lenses, no accessories.

I'm looking to buy lenses and other camera accessories, feel free to text me if you're selling!

In particular, I'm looking for:
- Zooms (12-40mm PRO, 40-150mm)
- Primes (undecided - 17mm f1.8 or 45mm f1.8 or PL 25mm f1.7)

Open to all other M43 (Olympus/Panasonic/Sigma/Voigt) lenses as well! Likewise for accessories too. Lmk!

*Sidenote: A 12-40mm PRO might make more sense than a 14-42mm EZ? It's probably $300 more but substantially better? Would prefer to make long term investments rather than cheap out in the short term!

Name: Marcus

Phone Number: