who else is scanning provia 100f here?

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Jan 16, 2002
is it a know issue that there will be a blue cast if u use a flim scanner and scan provia100f?

how do u resolve it? i'm novice in PS6. I'm using vuescan too.

ummm no blue cast as far as I recall. I used the old vuescan 1.1.

What scanner are you using? I've probably scanned around 100 - 120 frames of Provia 100F shot under varied lighting but no blue cast. In fact, Provia 100F and Velvia give me the best scans (among all films) when exposed properly. I use a Minolta SD-II. I use Vuescan 7.5.10.

Did you tweak your vuescan settings? I had to spend a looooooong time tweaking the settings till the scans were good. Vuescan is superb for slides, but I still use the Minolta s/w for negs - much better colours.

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