Which tripod?

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ha ! :bsmilie: ok ... G2228 ... type too fast .. ;p

I have a 2228, so can share some exp with you.
It is heavy, unacceptably heavy for a CF tripod.
This is cos of the individual leg lock and lateral arm need a lot of metal structure,
so the weight saving of the leg tubes are cancelled off.
If you just want to take landscape or portrait, better spent a bit more and get the G1228 which is as tall/strong and save 1/2 KG.
the idea of G2228 versatility, for macro and weird position work it is a god sent.
The 2220 alu version has spike foot which the CF ver don't have, pay more and get less here.

Are you going for a photo gathering anytime soon?
You can try my 2228 to have a feel. (better than go CP and see their face)

Tripod head cost a bomb. Any head cheaper than that?

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Manfrotto 308RC cost only $65. Highly recommended.
Oh. It does have a brand in front. :p

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