Where to get lens cap?

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Jan 21, 2002
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I was using an olympus c700uz with the included lens cap.
I had just added on the converter lens adapter with a hoya uv filter and the lens cap is too small so cannot be use anymore.
Where can i buy the appropriate lens cap and how much should i expect to pay for it? Think the hoya lens is 55mm.

Also, i'm currently using an anti-static cloth (the type used for cleaning cd) to wipe my lens, is this ok?
How do u guys clean your lens?
I saw some ppl use a type of blower shape like a hand grenade, squeeze to blow. And some ppl use a pen-like thing to wipe their lens in circular motion.
How expensive are these things and which one should i get?

Thanks and happy chinese new year!

Can try CP and John3:16. CP has Nikon brand lens cap but not sure the thread size. John has both 37mm and 52mm but not sure about 55mm. Check with them.

As long as your anti-static cloth is made of fine material like Microfiber that won't scratch the lens. What I learnt from the Gurus is the following sequence. Use blower first to blow away big particle. then use the Microfibre cloth to wipe the lens. If there is stuburn stain, use the lens pen or lens cleaner to clean. Blitz get his Rodenstock microfibre cloth with a jumbo blower for $12.

Hope this help. ;)

go ask for free lens cap next time.... u buy stuffs from AP/CP most of the time they give me free stuffs. like free batts/lens cap.. haben tried microfibre cloth yet.. kekeke

i just bought a 55mm lens cap fr cp for $5.
Thanks for all suggestions.
Now at least my lens got cover and i'm going to johore tonight.:cool:

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