What to use for lens cleaning?

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Just wondering thats is the "proper tools" for cleaning lens?
Im currently using a spectacles cleaning cloth, without any special liquid whatsoever...
Its quite clean, but I think sometimes will have dust stuck in corner...

dust stuck in corner is ok.. u wont see much difference

Some use lens tissue or blower n brush. Just bought a Lens pen for $8 from Peninsula, trying it out to see how effective it is.

You can try lens tissue; lens cleaner & blower brush. Lens tissue can use to clean my glasses. :D

RL & sbs, me sure won't wanna buy lenses from you guys... :bsmilie:

try using what is called as micro fibre cloth - it lifts off oil residues but becareful to dust off dust n particles before using any cloth/tissues. can be gotten at Cathay its about $5/-.

Would prefer to clean my UV filter with Kodah cleaning lotion and lens paper instead. So far, I just air blow all my lenses. The more you clean your lens, the more you hurt its coating.

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