What To Look for a Gimbal


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Sep 5, 2023
So I have been wanting to get a gimbal for my videography needs. But I'm not sure if price range is the only thing I am looking for and the camera weight it can carry. Does any Fujifilm user know anything about choosing the right gimbal?

Well price is certainly one factor if you have a budget but most important is the weight or load of the camera and lens that the gimbal can handle as it depends on the design of it like small , medium or heavy duty loads .

Nowadays there are more models to choose from the main brands which I leave to you to research about. Having a steady video footage is only one part of the video of the game so to speak. Video settings ( exposure ) are another factor and video framing or composition is just as important to tell your story. Exposure wise because you will be using a slow shutter eg. 24 FPS for that cinematic look would require doubling shutter to 1/48 sec. You can choose other frame rates of course. If you shoot outdoors at this shutter speed either you close down the aperture or if you want to maintain a certain depth of field them most likely you need an ND filter. A cheap alternative is a variable Nd filter.

When setting up the gimbal you need to balance the camera together with the lens. If your lens does not have internal focusing which mean the length of the lens barrel does not change then you only have to balance once but for those lens that cannot you have to reset balance every time you change focal length. Below are some videos that are helpful to you.