Wat's the diff between this place and HWZ anyways???

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Jan 31, 2002
Was just wondering...wat's up with this new place we're in? It seems that it's almost an exact replica of HWZ's Digicam forum mah? Why set up another one? :dunno:

Umm.. the forum look nicer.. better layout and no advert.

Originally posted by wedgee
Was just wondering...wat's up with this new place we're in? It seems that it's almost an exact replica of HWZ's Digicam forum mah? Why set up another one? :dunno:
With all due respect, ClubSNAP is no replica of HWZ's Digicam forum. The only similarities are:
  • similar forum software (vBulletin, you will realise that many other forums out there use this as well). We chose to use vBulletion not only because of its user friendliness but also because we considered the need for a familiar forum interface for ClubSNAP members who migrated from HWZ's Digicam forum (who are obviously the majority at the moment).
  • so far, most of the people here were previously gathered at HWZ's Digicam forum and thus, this is not exactly a new photographic community in a certain sense.
As for why we have created ClubSNAP instead of just using HWZ's Digicam forum, the reasons are multitude but let me just cover some here (some of which have also been briefly covered above)
  • We are sick and tired of seeing server busy messages. So very often, we try to compose a message and are unable to post nor return to the compose a post screen. In the end, many of us have to either retype or just forget about replying. This is especially FRUSTRATING when you are composing a VERY detailed reply to some questions.
  • It's fine and people generally understand when a free forum puts up banners at the top and bottom of the screen to aid the expenses of running the server and webhosting. But it is very irritating when banners start appearing on the left of the forum and not everyone runs a screen resolution of 1600x1200 at full screen. In other words, one has to repeated scroll to the right of the screen just to view photos that have been posted in the threads.
  • Incesscent popup windows are another irritant that can luckily be prevented IF you use some additional software (or use Opera).
  • HWZ's Digicam forum is horribly difficult to follow at its peak because a new thread just posted would be at page 3 or 4 if one did not reply to a post in that thread for half a day. This makes it terribly difficult to read and filter out the posts in the categories that DO not interest the individual.
  • Given that all the posts are lumped into one category, one would expect the search capability to at least work properly, unfortunately, it really doesn't, go figure.
There's more, but I think you get the general picture so there's no need for me elaborate further least I start to bore everyone here. ;)

Wah....guess i got my answer to my question... Thanx for your explanation! I guess it IS irritating to find banners on the left, and it REALLY is hard to find new threads sometimes, since they tend to get pushed back by newer ones...

Hope this new forum will never meet up with so many problems and that we can enjoy a decent chatroom; for all foto-maniacs!


and they wanna charge now...@#$%^&*())%?>:"}{

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