Wat is a Lens Tube?

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I heard some ppl saying they use a Lens Tube with TC....wat the heck is a lens tube and wat does it do?
Thanks :p

Hi Galaa,

It's an adaptor to fix on filters/TC/WC for consumer DCs, as the thread sizes of most consumer DCs are smaller then the standard sizes. See azone's page for a pic of the lens adaptor.

Hmm... it could also be an extension tube. Extension tubes are glassless tubes which fit between camera and lens to reduce the minimum focusing distance of the lens, allowing you to focus closer and obtain greater magnification with an existing lens. They cost slightly more than close-up filters, but have the advantage of not introducing any of their own imperfections to the image, as they don't obstruct the light path.

Thanks Jed, I forgot that it can be the tube for SLR too... :)

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