Visit to Chinatown

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Jan 17, 2002
Yesterday, the wife said: "Let's go to Chinatown. I need to get some pussywillows."

"What? Are you crazy? It's the eve of Chinese New Year. We'll be stuck in traffic for a couple of hours. We'll NEVER get a parking lot. And think of rubbing shoulders with all those people and their germs!"

We all know how these discussions usually end up, so I grabbed my camera bag, to make the best of it. My son prayed for a parking lot, so we got one almost immediately when we got there.

Of course it was crowded, very crowded.


Some kids did not like the place, and wanted to go home (like my son, as well as this little girl).


Waxed meats are real popular during Chinese New Year. I'm not sure how they are made, but the meat is somehow preserved by drying it, much like the mummification process used by the Egyptians. Reminds me of the cadavers I used to dissect in medical school. You can imagine I'm not too keen on buying or eating these waxed meats. I'm sure they're full of carcinogens.


Yeah, happy Chinese New Year to you, too.


The whole place is a hive of bustling activity (ok, that's a cliche, but it's true). At the same time, there are a whole bunch of people doing nothing except sitting around, or reading their newspaper, like this guy, completely oblivious to his surroundings (ok that's another cliche).


This guy was obviously in his element, dragging on his cigarette and pondering his next move, while the onlookers cogitated with him.

Here's a view of his worthy opponent, also deep in thought. I'm not sure if the guy in the middle is a referee. Do you need one in chess?



Finally, we find Mr Pussy-Willow-Man. He's selling a whole bunch at $1 each (THAT's why we wait until the eve before coming to buy).


I found this guy taking a break and reading some gruesome horror story (the New Paper is full of these sensational stories).

He'll make sure NOBODY steals HIS kidneys after this.


These guys were waiting for some sort of show to begin.


There were lots of photographers around - digicam as well as SLR. This guy was one of the more "serious" photographers. Jed, is that you?


Ahhhh..... now I see what they were waiting for. These girls were getting themselves ready for the big show.


Erm.... no paparazzi, please! Shoo! Go away!


that was a very nice set of pics u got there!

it seems that shooting Chinatown in the day has its own set of pictures that is different from the night market....

As entertaining as ever....


The best thing about shooting in the daytime is that you don't have to worry about getting enough light, or camera shake, like in this shot. ;)


Originally posted by StreetShooter

There were lots of photographers around - digicam as well as SLR. This guy was one of the more "serious" photographers. Jed, is that you?

Ohh mine.... Jed, lovely hairdo and glasses you have.

hahahaha!!!! think the gals will be jumping up and down if they noe u post their pics up. :rbounce:
i was there too. u took the shots ard 6pm at chinatown??

Hee Hee... Love all your stuff... More More More~

BTW, Wax meat is made by drying the meat in salt... lots of it... And its beleive to be linked to nasopharyngeal cancer. Well, but I believe no papers are written on that yet.

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