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Feb 12, 2003

I would like to buy a video camera to film my new born baby. As I have virtually no experience in video cam, I would be grateful if some forum members could recommend some good brands/models for me to consider. Thanks.


just to share my limited experience in videocam.......
like u i brought it primarily to film my 3 year old boy and new born ;)

i own a canon mv6i, brought earlier this year ard $1.5k
pretty ok if u are casual/amateur like me,
its very small, very portable and light
quality wise is happy with it,
colour is pretty nice esp in outdoor lighting, when indoor just ensure there is adequate lighting or u might need to step up the AE setting.....
but its pretty poor if u are thinking of using it for still images,
only abt 1 megapixel, some higher end model offers better still quality.....

others u can consider is mv10i (ard 2k or slightly more i think)
sony trv33 (ard 1.3k) pretty good also
tried my hand on a couple of model but my searches pretty much ended after i handled mv6i........
which fits my budget nicely and for its compact size ;)
coz when i travel esp with kids, the last thing i want is to have another bulky and heavy equipment in additions to the diapers, milk powder etc etc.....

if u stay in the nothern part of s'pore,
can pop my MS color at AMK to take a look at the various models they have,
try your hand on the different models, look at the image quality.......
they are pretty friendly and generally won't presure u to buy unlike some of the shops at Sim Lim...
price wise they are pretty competitive but do check out at other places for comparison.......

just wondering, does anyone know whether its a good idea to get those videocams that record directly to DVD (ram/rw) discs as opposed to DV tapes? would it speed up the editing process later?

mysonlovenemo, Shawn

Thanks very much for your recommendations. Will certainly go to MS Color to check out the video cams there. BTW, I bought my first digital cam and recently bought a lens there as well.


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