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Jan 17, 2002
Some of these still survive despite the competition afforded by LAN shops. The larger screens and variety of games (there ARE some people who don't play Counterstrike) ensure this. Anyway, this arcade in Orchard Emerald obviously believes that if you can't beat 'em, then join 'em, because tucked away in a corner of the arcade is a cluster of about 10 computers, each one manned by a Counterstrike commando.


Personally, I feel there's room for improvement here. To better illustrate the story you want to tell, you could either have gone for a wider shot that encompasses more of the surroundings, to show the crowd (hence the establishment is surviving) and possibly even the counterstrike machines you mention, or possibly gone the other way and gone for a more graphic selection of maybe one patron and one terminal. As it stands I feel it falls somewhere in between. :thumbsup:

Yes, agreed. I should not have cropped out the third guy on the right. Also should not have depended on my personal knowledge that there was a Counterstrike LAN, but tried to show it instead.

Well, I'll be there again next week. Can try again!

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