Valentine's Day Pics - Above 18 only pls!!!

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Red Dawn

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Jan 17, 2002

if u're not above 18, pls don't look at the pics!

Some shots i took today, symbolic of Valentine's Day. Caution: not your everyday Valentine's Day pics!

i wanted to go around the streets capturing scenes of wat represents Valentine's Day (also an overblown hypeup day for making $$$). But after dinner, i wasn't feeling too well (and plus, was very sleepy cos i slept at 3 last night). I can count the number of shots i gave up as i travelled home, but when i saw this scene, i knew i had my shots for the day!

Shattered Dreams
A broken rose, scattered petals represent the end of a beautiful dream. What happened?

Broken Hearts
Broken hearts and a cigarette butt. Who's the smoker, the guy or the girl? it was supposed to be a happy did it end up thus? did they reconcile?

Wow, definitely tells a story.

What only 150 words, I thought a picture is worth a thousand words? ;) But seriously, what I meant was a good picture can tell a story just by looking at it and red dawn did pretty well in this, especially for the first picture. Definitely an observant person.

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Anyone want to write a story to go with it? A short one, maybe 100-150 words? :)


Great shots! Really tells a story.. sad though..

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