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Jan 18, 2002
Hopefully we can soon upload images instead of having to link it somewhere. This is tedious especially so for those we did not create a webpage or simply just want to share a photo or two with the rest.

We're currently exploring the idea. However, we're looking into options on how to do it right due to the space constraints and it being open to abuse.

There are other issues include additional server cost, connections cost, among others.

Please be patient, let us all work together and make this possible one day down the road.

We are looking for talent to help with the development of ClubSNAP's main site. If you feel that you can contribute your programming skills in PHP/MySQL/Web or webdesign and are interested to help us grow from strength to strength, please send an email stating your skills to webmaster@clubsnap.org

Thank you!

I will be patient. This forum has been great so far even without the photo uploading feature.
Keep up the good work guys!!!!

Doesn't seem to support direct linking. :(

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