Underwater casing for Digi and video cam

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Feb 23, 2002
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Hi, juz like to find out anyone know where to get the underwater casing/housing for video cam and digi cam?

Had some models on mind:
Aquapac - Camcorder case
Aquapac - Digital camera case
(Planet traveller @Marina Square is selling other models)

Ewa marine D-CG1 - (for Canon powershot G2/G1)
Ewa marine VDS - ( for Sony DCRTRV10E)



If you're looking for the Aquapak digital camera case, I have one for sale. I bought it on impulse and realised that it's way too big for my Ixus! It's still unused. Let me know if you're interested.

Sounds tempting...
How much did you pay?

How does the seal work? Any probability that it would leak? I have an Oly3040... wondering if it's worth the risk. Oly's underwater case costs $650.

Hey... was just checking out the Aquapac line. For your Ixus, why don't you get the small compact camera series?

Length = 5.9 inches / 150mm
Width = 3.75 inches / 95mm
Maximum Circumference of Camera that will Fit = 7.5 inches / 190mm

This case will fit very small point-and-shoot cameras only.

Hi Romulus,

Yup actually I knew that the small one was suitable for my Ixus, but where I got it from didn't have that so I grabbed the digicam model. Subsequently, I saw the small one at Planet Travellers but didn't have my cam with me to try. I didn't want to make the same mistake again... So waiting for the next time I go down, when I'll bring my camera along to be sure! The website doesn't specify if it's the Ixus (APS) or the digital Ixus that'll fit and the digital Ixus is thicker hence my concern.

Anyway, the sealing mechanism is pretty simple. It's a cam-type mechanism that presses two stiff plastic pieces that seals up the bag. I'm using the phone case and so far it hasn't failed me. As long as you remember to seal it up! I have seen a friend pouring seawater out of his case.... In his rush he forgot to seal it.

Oh.. the case I have has been sold :D

For those who are interested in getting the Aquapac, here's an alternative source...

Marintech Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
101 Kitchener Rd #02-14 Jln Besar Plaza Singapore 208511
Tel : 6298 8171 Fax : 6292 3869

They deal mainly in boating/yachting equipment but carry some of the Aquapac line too. Not sure if they have any more camera cases. Can give them a call perhaps...

Originally posted by Romulus
Sounds tempting...
How much did you pay?

How does the seal work? Any probability that it would leak? I have an Oly3040... wondering if it's worth the risk. Oly's underwater case costs $650.
Hi Romulus, is your Oly 3040 same size as my Oly2040? I was quoted by John3:16 about $300+ for an Marine casing original from Oly for my DC.

Didn't buy as I afraid I drop the whole thing to the bottom of the sea! :bsmilie:

I paid $45 for it... I think their prices are generally lower than Marina..

Thks. I will certainly be checking up at that shop tomorrow.

Juz now, I saw there was a shop selling outdoor advertures equipment on 2nd floor of penisula plaza(not The Traveller, but at the other corner), above CP, selling digital camera (smaller size) cases (gd for smaller sizes)..... all Aquapac. There are only a few left.... but price below S$60...... The shopkeeper also introduces some other cases and bags for putting camcorder and digicam, but I think there are too big for my cam...and not able to control the cam too well....

I think there sh be some shops in Singapore selling camcoder case..... maybe those frequent snorkeller or diver or seasportmen will be more familar.....need their advices.

Gd news for everybody!
I'd juz received 2 replies from Aquapac from Britain and Photo Habitat from NY USA......

Aquapac responsed by saying that they had 2 distributors in Singapore, one which is mentioned above, well the info is as following:

Marintech Marketing - Contact Name: Jesie Lee
101 Kitchenor Road, #02-14 Jalan Besar Plaza, Singapore 208511.
Tel: +65 298 8171. E: marintech@pacific.net.sg

Welltechs Engineering & Trading - Contact Name: Daveed Tan
50 Lorong M, Telok Kurau, Singapore 425342.
Tel: +65 342 0125. E: welltechs@pacific.net.sg.

I will be calling them up to check and inform U all abt the status of Digicam (diff sizes) and camcodrer. Hopefully, they had stocks.

Ewa-marine: They advised me to purchase on line from Photo Habitat, NY USA, whom will air mail the products to me ASAP, even promised me bef 20 Mar. They said both Ewa D-CG1 and VDS is available and also recommend CD-5 (5 packs of moisture munchers-to keep the camera from condensation and moisture damage.) (I think we need to put some silicon gels into the case to absorb moisture)

I believe Ewa-marine's products will be more expensive, so I will see what Aquapac can provide first.

Nevertheless, the design from Ewa-marine is better... and camera will not shake too much...

I will update U all tomorrow. Thks.

Juz some updates, there are still some stocks for digicam and small/large compact cam cases.... u can call and check with
Marintech Marketing (S) Pte Ltd. Phone is given above.
Try not to email them as they hardly reply your mail.

Also I can't even get contact with the other distributor, phone ringing and no one pick up.

However, there is no stock for camcorder case. I believe I would have to order from UK. Hopefully can get one on time.

Marintech however said that if there is no urgency, they can specially order for us on their next shipment in APR or MAY....

that's all from now....fyi pls. thks.

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