ultra-compact cameras

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I'm interested in purchasing an ultra-compact camera, with minimum 2 MP and 2X Optical Zoom. Ultracompact and portable is very important, and I'm willing to sacrifice the manual controls that you yuppies seem to love with your G2s, etc. Battery life is also an important factor.

Prefer CF since i've got lots of CF cards, but not critical lah. Prefer 3+ MP but not critical also coz I rarely print beyond 4R. Just want to be safe for those rare moments. Budget is erm... around 800 or 900. Willing to buy 2nd hand if offer is good enough.

I've narrowed down to this list:
Pentax Optio 330
Minolta Dimage X
Canon Ixus 300/v
Fuji FinePix 4700
Kyocera Finecam S3

If anyone bought these recently, I would love to hear what the cheapest prices are these days for these cameras. Also if anyone can add to the list or give their opinions on these cameras, i'd be really grateful!!

Not open for further replies.