Ultimate Digital Camera - 16 million megapixels

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Red Dawn

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Jan 17, 2002
Eh, sure 16, 000, 000 MEGA pixels or not?

Originally posted by Red Dawn

u want the ultimate digital camera?

throw away your Canon toys, Nikon scrap metal, Fuji paperweights and Olympus doorstops :devil:

THIS is the ultimate digital camera, with 16,000,000 megapixels, and more zoom than you can ever (hand)hold. Comes with free support somemore, no need tripod......

Actually it's 16 megapixels, not 16,000,000 Megapixels and that's the same size as the garden variety Phase One medium format one shot back that's been out for a couple of years.

What's not said there is that it's not a camera in the conventional sense of a digital camera, more a cryogenically controlled sensor head with no onboard image manipulation that writes directly in to what's called FITS image standard (raw CCD output, uncompressed and different to RAW used in commercial cameras).

BIG is the 120 Megapixel Phase One scanning backs for LF.

U need a superbig hardisk, and super fast processor to do the editing...saving...and storing...

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