tripod or monopod?

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Mar 28, 2002
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hi all, i got a casio qv4000(size n weight abt the same as G2) n i intend to get either a tripod or monopod but still cant decided... how??? any suggestion?? hopefully not more than $100, light cos i'm bringing it to thailand.


what tripod would u recommend? heard Silk is not too ex.

what de diff between the monopod & tripod??

er... Tripod has 3 legs and can stand on its own.
Monopod has 1 leg, only help to stabalize camera, still can get camera shakes if not used properly.

i sea i sea....:D :D :D
how abt the price dif??

How to compare ah? Very hard actually 2 different things... Some good monopod can be expensive, a few hundred dollars, But if compare to good tripod with good tripod heads that can cost a few thousand dollars.... Monopod cheaper... But cannot use it for very long exposure.... The good thing about monopod tho is it allows faster deployment and requires less space to use and moving around will be faster... But, A tripod will do the job better. If the situation allows the use of a tripod, I'll use a tripod...

i dun understand the need for monopod leh
since one leg only
like redundant leh

i got two legs leh :D better rite

Hee hee... you try to hold a 500mm lens, or for the matter a bright 200mm lens and you'll find out soon enough.

It helps to support the camera without the hassel of a tripod... say shooting Chingay or an even where you need to move around...

and oh yah... you are suppose to be holding the monopod when shooting... so your 2 legs + monopod's leg = 3 legs. Better than 2 legs.

Maybe someone with monopod + extra DC can show how you shoot with a monopod...

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