Tonight's basketball game

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The best point guard in the British Basketball League shows
just why he's the best.


Shawn Myers tries to get past the massive form of New
Zealand captain Pero Cameron.

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Jed, shot these with a manual focus Nikon? I remembered your pics of a Premiership game. Very nice. :D

No, I cheated and used AF :p

Although, with the given DOF in these shots, manual focus would be very useable. But then I'm getting lazy! I will be on manual focus tomorrow though probably.

Haha, we all get lazy, don't wee?

What game will you be shooting tommorow?

Wat lens u used? Shuttlespeed? Film?
(feel tat its difficult using autofocus...keep getting out of focus)

I never seem to shoot a decent bball game. Juz wondering wats the workz.

Autofocus needs getting used to as much as the next aspect of your camera. Other than that it's just practice and more practice. The more familiar you are with you camera, the more time you spend with it up to your eye level, the more chance you have of getting good sports pics.

The standard of competition helps as well. The better the sportsmen, the better the resulting pictures usually.

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