To All Current & Ex-Andersonians (Anderson Secondary)

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Dear fellow Andersonians and ex-Andersonians,

I am an ex-andersonian (Anderson Secondary School) and I vividly remember that there were many current and ex-andersonians here in the forum.

Thinking aloud, I intend to start of an photography interest group among current and ex-andersonians. Apart from photography, we could catch back some good old days with each other, from the days in Stevens Road to the 2 campuses in Ang Mo Kio.

Any supporters? If yes, please PM me your contact details and I would try to organise some activities.

Update of Andersonians Involved (28 May 2004)
01. NoSpeech
02. y0ngcheng

Come mon organise sbg shoot! :blah:

anyway good initiative nospeech :thumbsup:
Supported u by pm-ed u my contacts already. :)

Not open for further replies.