the blues of the closing sky

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Jan 17, 2002
I know the subject is kinda weird, but it is quite close to describe the photos I want to share below. The feeling of blues and farewell. The photos are intendedly underexposed so that the reds and blues can be nicely represented within the small dynamic range of my camera.


a choppy farewell to P.Ubin

ah...that pinkish sky
Looks just like cotton canndies...

more like lollipop! :D

i wonder if u use a polariser at evening skies will it turn out as nice? or u really need more light for it to work?

Nice and colourful pics!! I like the 2nd one personally. :)

thanks goose. :) my personal favs are the 1st and 4th one.

eadwine, yeah a polarisier probably would help. But I've had not very good results with my tokina cir pl, maybe cos it's a cheap one, so I haven't used it for a long long time. In this case, if I used the camera's metering, the colours will not be as deep, and parts of the sky will look washed out. So I compensated with -0.3EV to get the above results.

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