thaipusam - photographer outside the temple

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Jan 17, 2002

I have no doubt that this review will be scribbed but here goes anyway.

Let's start with the positives in this shot, it's in black and white and it's of a religious ceremony.

Now for the negatives, sadly of which there are many and legion.


Slanting buildings and doorways lead to the definate feeling of lopsideness in this shot while the main focus of attention of the crowd is too distant to see in much detail. The distraction of the video camera lighting to left hand side leads to an unbalanced tonal quality of the shot. Couple this with the previously mentioned inbalance in the building and one is left with a sense of a shot taken by a rank novice, which is the likely case.

This shot had serious potential in the hands of a competent photographer, however in the hands it was in the shot is an epic volume to incompetence. 1/5 rating.

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