tarnished reputation

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with regards to the news yesterday posted in straits times, this is my comments.
a photographer molested a bride with the reason of helping he to adjust the gown.

IMHO, this kinda photographer gives the rest a bad name. some ppl may group photographer as one grp, and think that the rest is the same. imgine this: u go out to a convection and when ppl ask for ur hobby/occupation, and u say photographer. out of politeness, maybe they'll talk to you for a while and then go away.
this kind of scenerio may not happen too, so pls dont flame me with this.

afta this report, brides in the future will definitely take more awareness of the photographer. im afraid that this may cause more inconvenience to the photographer as interaction is a impt element in taking good bridal pics.

just my 2 cents worht of comments.


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