taking night shots... wat film to use?

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Feb 1, 2004
Jurong West
hi, i am goin to take night shots at esplanade. Thought of using Kodak HD 200 film. Anyone got recommandation for other films? i am dun plan to use slides. thanx..... :)

I presume you're talking about scenic shots on a tripod? The HD200 should be good enough since you're using a tripod.

Sorry, can't provide more info...but I guess ISO100 film may be good too...finer grain...

And although you have said you are not planning to shoot slides, I would really suggest trying out a roll. You've love the colours.

hi thanx for the reply... will post some pic when its developed.. thanx...

essentially a lot to choose... :think:

fuji superia xtra 100/200/400, reala 100,

kodak tcn 400 (b/w c41 process)

for more stunt: fuji provia 100, provia 400. (caution: slide film :) )

kodak gold 100, 200 also not bad

hi . sorry to borrow ur thread but i have a very similar question. im also taking night shots but at dark objects. with primary lighting as moonlight . what film should i use. and what exposure(?) or things on the camera. total newbie here

for exposure, just trust your camera meter though you might want to bracket your shots. Are you using a tripod? If so, any of the 100, 200 films will do fine, depending on whether you prefer Kodak's or Fuji's palette. If handholding, which you really shouldn't, use a fast lens, the highest possible speed film you can find, and pray.

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