Taking greyscale pic but not everything in greyscale

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Originally posted by fcpga
very nice impressive infrared shots,
how do we actually do it? Can we do it in software, e.g. photoshop?


Hi fcpga,

You will actually need to attach an infrared lens filter to your camera in order to have this kinda effect. As for using Photoshop, I'm not too sure though.

how much does 1 IR filter cost??

I heard that a cheap one cost around $20-$30. But if you like, you can try to desaturate an image to about -50%. The image won't be the same as an IR, but you get a Black and white that is not totally black and white. example from one of my previous post:


Saturation -50%


Saturation -75%

The image above is taken at night without bright colours, maybe try this with an image with bright colours, may have a better effect. Other method will be colouring the photo using photoshop's airbrush and masks.... Hahhaha... can die... Dunnoe how airbrush artist do it ah....

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