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Jan 18, 2002
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The thread on my Amsterdam pictures seems to have generated more interest in the pictures taken from the plane than the pictures of Amsterdam themselves.

So here are some more pictures taken from the plan, flying into Seattle from Tokyo.

These are pictures of Mount Rainier, the tallest mountain in Washington State. The smaller mountain to the right (in the second picture) is Mount St Helen, I believe.


This is the Seattle Centre, location of the World Expo in the 1960's (forgot the exact year), and where the famous Space Needle is located:


Finally, this is the Port of Seattle:


Hope you like them.



The first pic looks very nice, nebber see clouds in such pattern and colour b4. Maybe a storm is coming?

Originally posted by Blitz
The first pic looks very nice, nebber see clouds in such pattern and colour b4. Maybe a storm is coming?

Thanks. I don't recall that day as being stormy. The colour and contrast of the clouds might have been over-exaggerated when I ajusted the levels and contrast to minimise the haziness.

wah pro sia roy :thumbsup: esp. the first pic...the clouds efffect beri good.....how did u manage to produce one like tt

Thanks for all the compliments.

To Klause, I was not the pilot. I would be very worried if the pilot of the plane I am on starts paying more attention to taking photos than flying the plane :eek:

To AqUaRiU5, since I have no control over the clouds, pictures like that are purely out of luck. The original picture has a blue cast and is very hazy. I did some adjustments of Levels, Colour Balance and Contrast adjustment in PS to get to the final picture posted here. I feel that the contrast of the clouds in the first picture has been over exagerated, but that is the only way I can get the mountain to be clear, without resorting to slitting the picture and processing the upper and lower halfs separately.

Last year I made 7 trips to Asia from Seattle, and I only got to see Mount Rainier on 2 of the trips. On the other trips the mountain was totally covered in clouds.

Between Japan and HK, I only managed to see Mount Fuji once, and I was on the wrong side of the plane on that trip, so did not manage to take any pictures.

aiyah wasted....if not u could haf shown us a pic of mount fuji...but how izzit possible to get clear photos frm the window....cause the last time i was on a plane....the window was like full of dirt....

I guess it is again a matter of luck whether you get to sit beside a clean window on a plane. Normally, any dust or smudges on the window glas should be thrown way out of focus on your picture. It might soften the picture a little, but you will not see the dirt and smudges clearly. By the way, if you use a point & shoot with IR focusing, you should either use infinity lock, or use your finger to block the IR focusing window when you take the picture.

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