Suggestions for simple group (indoor standing) exercises for a group of old folks?

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Jan 18, 2002
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as above.
have to lead a bunch of them next week and i dunno any suitable ones... only thing i know is the saf warmup routine. :D

This is tricky. Leave it to the trained ones. Better have a small team of doctors and nurses there. An ambulance on standby too.

wah hehe...we dun have the man power or resources for that lah...its juz a simple morning exercise routine. think maybe i juz do some warmups with them thats all.

try going early in the morning to a local CC or park and see how the old folks go about their qigong or taiji routine.. can adapt some ideas. I think the main point is to take it slow and easy with the old folks.

speaking as a PE personnel here.

what is the general health condition of the folks? are they on wheels, or general in the pink of health? or are they feeble just walking around? any forms of skeletal problem/ailment existing in them? and, what is the desired outcome of the exercise?

i understand you mean well, but you have to consider these questions before trying anything.

smple stretching and light walk will do

well some of the old folks have difficulty walking or standing so i think they might opt out of the exercise altogether. actually half of the grp are middle aged able bodied men while the other half are old folks. so i'm thinking of getting the right balance here.

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