Streetshooter, come in and have a look

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I like photographs, since I don't need to know the language to see what's happening, though it would be nice to be able to read the captions and see what it really is supposed to mean ;)

ddrfreakz said:
nice...i loved how u used many mediums, expecialy the IR film....What kind of camera(s) did u use?

the freakz :kok:
Not my photos. I really wish I could take those great photos.

AReality said:
if i'm 1/2 as good as tomshen I happy liao.. :D
Wah. Ambitious. I only pray for 10% of his skills. You want 50%? Wow. ;p

most excellent link! :thumbsup: street shots with an edge of photojournalism to them...more than just looking good to the eye, you can't help but feel there's a bigger story and meaning behind each of them~, even w/o reading the text. these shots really are inspiring! thanks to tomshen for sharing

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