Spring cleaning in Emerald Hill

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Jan 17, 2002
The owner of the pub decided that since it was almost Chinese New Year, spring cleaning needed to be done. So out came all the velvet stools to be aired (to get rid of the stale cigarette smells). The girl in the background was scrubbing what looked like chamber pots to me (probably used as ashtrays).


Do let me know if you enjoy my pictures. I'm hungry for compliments!

Streetshooter, I thought your speciality is B&W photos. Why did you choose to leave this one in colour instead? I hardly convert any photo to B&W & would love to learn how to choose which photos to convert. Thanks.

Hi! How do you make the small thin black border around the picture?

This one I actually increased the saturation to make the colours look richer, because the whole point of this picture is the rich colour of the velvet stools.

First, for Photoshop, set the units and measures to pixels instead of cm. Set the background colour to black (or whatever colour you want) Then, use Image > Canvas Size. Add 2 pixels to the width and 2 pixels to the height of the picture. That's it. The drop shadow is a standard action in PS 4.0 (my version). I use offset of 5,5 and Gaussian blur of 10.

Originally posted by StreetShooter
Do let me know if you enjoy my pictures. I'm hungry for compliments!

Oh yes, absolutely! I enjoy your pictures very much especially the ones taken with your Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 lens. :)

Nice picture! And I absolutely agree that this pic is better in color then in B&W. :thumbsup:

Think me idle at home too long liao... must move my butt out more to learn to take some pics like this... :)

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