Sony ZV-1 Wide Lens adaptor wanted

Kai Hendry

New Member
Mar 31, 2014
East side
Hi, new ZV-1 user here:

I'm keen to find a lens adaptor like the ones at these Amazon links:
- JJC filter adapter:
- ZOMEI wide angle lens:

I believe it's compatible with the RX100 Mark V.

Unfortunately they do not ship to Singapore. Can anyone please suggest an alternative?

Thank you in advance!

These wide angle lenses were already lousy many years ago when local salesmen tried to sell them for lots of money to unsuspecting beginners. I think we have a thread about it somewhere in Newbies Corner or so. The video already shows the awful distortions they bring along, and chances are that in tricky situations flare and other unwanted effects will come in as well. For still images, you might be able to get it corrected, not sure whether video software can do the same (might just be a long night of calculations).

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