[SnapSnap] - A photo or two a week

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hoo hhooo!!!! how's your lil girl? hmmm...girl rite?!
She is doing well, thanks! I'll be posting more of her photos in this thread. Stay tune... :bsmilie:

Flower in my room...

this is great. :thumbsup:

So long no post... Here's one of the latest photos from my girl's collection...


Nice pictures snapsnap! I like the colours of the lalang...somehow feels like spring-summertime and having a picnic with lots of sandwiches.....(errr...i hope you get what i mean)...Nice portrait of you girl too! :)

Thanks Mysternaz!

My girl sticking out her tongue at me... (Pardon the camera shake...)

Light and shadow...

It is a photo the government love too... (Think tax...) :bsmilie:

Hi Alvin

I did some video footage for you last month. I did not see your photos until now. Great work!

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