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Hi guys,

i need ur suggestion. I'm planning to buy SLR camera, which type that u recommended ?

nikon has promotion for F55, does this cam good enough ?


I think you should tell us

- what is ur budget ?
- what kind of shots you are taking ?

I ask the same question before...

Megaweb is right... tell us more what is your intented usage/shots of your new SLR...;)

well.... i want to replace my old SLR, but coz currently i just bought canon G2 so i run out of money :) so my budget is around $500-$700, but talking about what kind of picture i attend to take, maybe landscape and outdoor. I need new SLR coz i thinking to take some photography course.

What photography course are you considering? I might be interested too.

i want to take the course start from beginner :)

i still look around, and currently i'm interested to take the course that PPS offer.

I guess it will be best to wait for a promotion. Will get more value for money and more freebies too :D

Nikon F80, EOS 30. Don't scrimp.

Yupz, at least EOS 30 grade. And since you've the G2, might as well go for the EOS 30.

how about minolta dynax 5, coz currently it have promotions, come with zoom lens and bag.

Originally posted by Ninja
since you have the G2, why don't you get a Canon SLR so can share the accessories.

E-quoted by CP :
Canon EOS 300 c/with EF 28-90 mm lens @ S$690.00
free with purchase ( while offer/stock last )
- Canon EF 75-300 mm III lens

Camera Workshop selling 2nd hand EOS 300 at $350
Wah, very good deal! But Ninja, EOS 30 or EOS 300 is cheapper? Pls excuse my ignorance, newbie in SLR.

Actually, just the stupid flash.

Then again, if you do end up with a Canon SLR, personally I think you should get something like that 550EX.. and mounting that on the G2 will be a bit funny..

No DOF preview, cheapo plasticky mount, single dial control are among the reasons I don't recommand the lower end cameras.

Let's say between the Nikons, the F60, F65 and F80. Which is recommended? (Bearing in mind that I will be using it for the next 3-4 yrs at least.)

F80 if you have the cash. Getting something too low end is only if you're not into photography whatsoever.

Originally posted by Ninja
In my opinion, every model fits a budget and the F55 fills that gap for those who are strapped with budget to buy their first body and has been heard so much about worthy reasons to invest into the Nikon system.

Given a choice, I would love to buy a good condition 2nd hand Dynax 7 which is nearly impossible to find it now at any 2nd hand camera stores. So far only seen 2nd hand Dynax 9 at $1750. I own a Dynax 5 and I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It has the price of a F65 with the features of a F80.

There is a Chinese forum specially discussing Dynax 5 at
btw, if you really spend a month browsing for cameras/lenses info, you will notice Minolta system/lenes are cheaper than other brands and yet quality is the same.I suggest you get a 1st hand camera as they got life cycle.

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