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2100 said:

erm the colour of the sky is nice... but i think the trees spoil the pic... colour of the tree is too dark... doesn match the colour of the sky...

maybe u can zoom out n take more of the trees n the sky together... or jus zoom in on the sky...

or set your white balance to brighten up the colour of the trees... :think:

take more pic...get more pics so that easier to compare the difference... :)

the foreground silhouette is too cluttered, with all the leaves of the tree making it rather messy. Try to isolate distinct silhouettes.
For the sky, pray for a more dramatic one hehe

hmmmm.....i tink the photo is not in puttin the trees in silouette is a great idea....

but.....can try to find a spot wif nicer trees...does look a little messy....

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