Singapore Photographers Awards , Exhibition and Photo Talk on 8th & 9th June.

Free tickets available (Limited seats). Please reserve your tickets for the event you wish to attend at
This event is organized by Singapore Photographic and Digital Imaging Trade Association. (SPDA)

8th June 2018
Awards Presentation
Singapore Photographers Awards presentation for winners who represented Singapore in World Photographic Cup 2018

Winners’ Photo Exhibition
There will be a photo exhibition to showcase all the Singapore winners’ photos and winning images from 30 countries.
The exhibition is from 8th to 9th of June.

Share and Inspire Photo Talk ! ( brought to you by SPDA )
5.00 pm - 6.30 pm
“Wedding Photography is dead in Singapore. Or is it?”
Panel discussion by 4 up-coming and veteran photographers
- Raymond Phang , Jonathan Ho , Melvin Lau , Ryan Wong and Moderator by Henry Tan.
Do come early if you want to attend.

6.45 pm - 8.00 pm
Speech by VIP.
Presentation of awards
Networking and Refreshments

9th June 2018
Share and Inspire Photo Talk !

Smart Startup by Chinni.
2.00 pm - 3.00 pm

Learn how Chinni within a year into learning photography earns her professional income using up to 4 speedlights for Newborn photography.

About Chinni:
" Chinni started photography as a hobby photographing pets. She later found her passion in newborn photography and invest her time in l
earning professional photography. She first started with natural lights and eventually,
Chinni uses up to 4 speedlights to light her subject which gives her full control and depth.
She has found a technique in setting up professional home studio lighting easily and quickly. "

Be Prepared for Change by Bryan Foong !
3.00 pm - 4.00 pm
Learn why Bryan made a drastic change to his wedding photography business and back at his peak again.

About Bryan:
" Bryan Foong of Antelope Studios is a wedding & lifestyle photographer. Over the last 10 years,
he continuously pushes boundaries for photography and inspires photographers along the way.
Together with 2 other celebrated photographers, he co-founded Raw. a community studio aimed to
provide a sanctuary for photographers of all genres and levels in Singapore. "

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