Sighs in Odaiba

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May 2, 2004
Odaiba is a good place to visit if you go to Tokyo. It has lots of shopping malls and various tourist attractions. The best I think is the Rainbow Bridge, offering great view, whether it's day or nite.


little sister of status of Liberty (Goddess of Liberty at Odaiba)


Rainbow Bridge during Sunset


Rainbow Bridge during Early evening


Close up shot with Tokyo Tower behind Rainbow Bridge

hi, cannot click to see your pics.

hi.. think ur shots are under exposed. Like the nite shots of the bridge. Can set ur shutter speed longer.. like 5-8 seconds...

I linked from my imagestation account, don't think can click ;)

I used Cannon Ixus400 to take the shot and set only 1.3s. Let me try again in the next few days :) Thanks for the advice

can't see the pics!!

i love the rainbow bridge!!! it's so beautiful. wish i was back there again.

If the photo don't show, right click on it and select show photo. Think sometimes there are problem of linking to imagestation. :sweat:

U like Odaiba too? I have been there twice :sweatsm: It's especially lovely in the evening ;)

cant see no nothing... even after "show picture" :dunno:

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