Short review of Canon New EOS R


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May 10, 2002
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I attended a preview event for the new Canon EOS R hosted by Canon Singapore.


First impression of the camera, very handsome looking black workhorse.
Not much gentle curves, every inch screamed I am a serious machine!


I was very pleasantly surprised to find a decent size battery grip, the BG-E22.
It made holding the camera system much more manageable.
There is a USB type C port on the grip for charging the twin EP-6N it can hold.
There is a price shock however as i realised the launched cost for the grip is going to be about S$469.
The price i paid for my 5DS grip was nowhere near S$469. Not sure why it is going to be so expensive.


Using a good RF lens like the 28-70 F2 without the grip will be very front heavy.
The RF lenses are very heavy. The RF 28-70 F2L is 1430 grams F2 vs my veteran EF 24-70 F2.8L at 952 grams. This is about 50% heavier, which explain the balance tipping to the front. The other RF lenses are no light weight either, RF 50 F1.2 is 950 grams vs EF 50 F1.2L at 580 grams. The benefits of a smaller camera body is offset by a much heavier lens system. The upside is, the RF 28-70 F2L is 1 stop brighter than the EF 24-70 F2.8L. This is very useful in a dimly lit environment, not to mention the beautiful depth of field it can create.

There is the swivel pull out LCD. It a high quality LCD that will no doubt prove super useful when shooting at high or low angle.

The data port on the left side of the body is now a USB type C port, tethered shooting will require a USB A to USC type C cable.
This will probably be a new standard for tethered shooting.

There are dedicated microphone jack, headphone jack, a remote trigger jack housed together with the USB type C port.

Turning the focusing ring on the RF28-70 F2 was challenging as it was very thick and heavy.
It should be of no big issue if we use autofocus.

Autofocus on the EOS R was phenomenal.
Camera brands normally boast of their AF speed, so i kept an open mind.
I was late for the event so I enter the restaurant from the back when the EOS R where mounted on a 400mm and the 600mm. (The new 400mm F2.8L IS III & 600mm F4L IS III)
The AF was super fast even on the super telephoto. I was blown away. It was like immediate.
Canon claim this as the world fastest AF and I believe them.
The EVF was very bright and sharp, even in the hot afternoon sun.
The AF work even at -6EV, that is impressive compared to my 5DS.

I am very impressed with the smaller body size and AF speed.
I am however not sure if i need to invest in the new lens system which are all super heavy.
Its a super good to have if I am not already into the EF mount.
I will stick to my 5DS (50MP) and my 1Dmk3 for the time being until there are more lens offering for the RF system. (cheaper options!)

updated with launch pricing,
  • EOS R body - S$3,399
  • EOS R Kit (RF 24–105 F/4L USM) - S$5,098
  • RF 24–105 F4L IS USM - S$1,699
  • RF 28–70 F2L USM - TBA
  • RF 50 F1.2L USM - S$3,649
  • Mount Adapter EF-EOS R - S$159
  • Control Ring Mount Adapter - S$319
  • BG-E22 Battery Grip - S$469

This is my 1st review, i will prepare pictures next time.
I attended the event purely to see the new camera and only wrote the review as an afterthought.

Please tell me how I can improve on my next review. Thank you.

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I attended a preview event for the new Canon EOS R hosted by Canon Singapore.

Please tell me how I can improve on my next review. Thank you.

Perhaps you can summarize the Pros and Cons. Also what are your recommendations ?