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Mar 17, 2004

hope you like it!

very nice!

uhm, is that a dried sunflower or something? the shadow seems to be it..

its a dried flower, i dunno the name of the flower, miniature sized, can be found in flower shops. thought it has an interesting shape so i went to shoot a silhouette of it.

nice! :thumbsup:

Looks like an image from a Neil Gaiman book.

someday i must learn from u how to shoot plants :think:

its nothing much really, you noe bright those table lamps... i wrapped paper (for the texture of the background) around the bulb area and hold the plant in front of the strongly lit paper and exposed for the paper. chose several nice angles of the plant to shoot and selected the best looking shot. then adjusted colour balance in ps to get the sepia effect. vertical grain was added too.

good shot. . .
thank you for sharing your setting here, isnt what this is all about, SHARING

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