Sanur Indonesian restaurant...any1 tried b4?

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Mystix said:
was wondering if it's ex and how's the food like?

depends on your budget. TO me, it's middle. A meal for 2 can hit around 50++ (if you like to call for more than 4 dishes)

The food nice, only some I would say... perhaps, their Tahu Tulor is something to mention about :)

Oic..thanks alot. I tried before House of Sudanese, the food was not bad but the serving was very me lah. :D

If you guys looking for good and affordable indonesian food, why not go to rice table?? Just thinking about the place makes my mouth drool :lovegrin:

Melt in your mouth ayam panggang, tahu telor (not tahu tulor :) ) that is to die for, dishes after dishes that keeps on coming until your stomach can't take it anymore................... :sweat:
(paused to wipe mouth)

Anyway, where was I??? Oh yeah, ricetable, there is one at cuppage and another at international building. Pple said the one at intrnational building is nicer, but I have only been to the cuppage one a few times and I am alrady hooked :lovegrin:


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