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Jan 27, 2008
Bedok Reservoir

i thhought this is interesting. anyways where i can improve futher?
F/stops: 3.5
exposure time: 1/60

how bout tryin for a squarish crop?
and reduce the amount of redness in the guy's face.... he looks like he had one too many to drink...

i feel you've boosted the contrast up too much. the man's face doesn't look natural:)

interesting shot!

Hmm .. But i feel the redness goes quite well with the wine glasses .. what u guys think ?

not really... it feels too saturated already in this sense... eyes won't know what's the main focus in this case... the guy or the glasses

mmm ...was that an imprompt shot?
It looks very much like a snap shot to me. Perhaps you can try rearranging your props alittle.
Perhaps it would be better if you would have framed the gentleman's face inside the glass and still catches his reflection on the other smaller glass.

The way you have captured it, is not flattering for the gentleman.
Sorry it didn't work for me.

But it's a creative idea which you are trying. Keep it up I am sure in no time I shall see a spectacular output from you. =)

thanks guys for the honest feedback.

will keep learning and improving..

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