Railway track near M.O.E (ministry of education, Buona Vista) (b&w)

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Jan 17, 2002

Camera: FE-10
Exposure: f16, 1/15s
(Morning bout 9am, surprising sufficient lighting)
Film: T-Max 100

Alighted at Buona Vista Mrt, cross over near Ministry of Education (M.O.E), go on dirt track, through long grass and on the railway track. This indian guy (the maintenance guy)who was hammering the tracks parts saw me but did nothing to warn me off the track. Walked all the way to near a community center in Ghim Moh and climbed up a slope to get off the tracks. Nothing much to see except snakes and curious passerbys on overhead bridges. Haaaa

Anyone interested in disused railway tracks can look for the one in Clementi, near Military police camp. Accessible by a tall slope, becareful of the walkway on the bridge itself. A drop below, confirm handicap or death. The railways goes high above the drain/canal/jogging paths. Both ends lead to dead ends, careful of big snakes, spiders, and nosy people who can see u from their flats (may call the cops to check you out). =)

can try the railway track outside bukit panjang camp/Mindef HQ too....last time i have to cross this railway track everytime i book in

then if we see the train coming, we will wait and see who dare to be the last one who cross the railway track

but recently an officer got his bag (or shirt) stuck on the train when he cross the track....then dunno dragged for how many metres and was seriously injuried...

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