Ps G2 - Cp 5k - F707?

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Jan 29, 2002
Dear friends,

I am going to purchase a 4-5MP Digital Camera this weekend. For the past weeks I've read and look many forums, reviews and side by side samples comparison of Canon PowerShot G2, Nikon CoolPix 5000 and Sony DSC-F707. I have decided to buy Nikon CoolPix 5000 and MAN it was a tough decision. IMO CP5K has the best form factor.

But before I dump a lot of my money for this toy, I really like to hear any words of wisdom from you - owner of these three models. Am I purchasing a correct one? I am a backpacker, used to have a Canon F-1 and Nikomat long time ago. I don't upgrade things frequently so once I purchase I'll be using it for many years. And one more thing I don't intend to buy and carry accessories.

Thank you in advance for all your honest input.

Originally posted by Shadus
I'm a CP5k owner.

Suggest U consider the G2. Not that CP5k is no good. But G2 is much more value for money and for backpackers, it have a longer battery life.

Totaly agree with Shad on the Batt life! CP5K is lighter so ....

Originally posted by Shadus
I'm a CP5k owner.

Err, do you like it so far?
I don't travel everyday. I need a camera for any occasion and it have to be a reliable one. But I got your point, battery life is also important. Thanks Shadus.

i personally chose the G2 over the CP5k because of the button placements.

i find it rather awkward to operate the CP5k's function and manual operation buttons with my right hand. had to use my left to change some settings.

however, i could change most of the settings on the G2 with jsut my right hand. only the manual focus and the flash settings had to be done with my left hand. other than that, my left hand is used to hold the stabilise the camera most of the time.

how this might help your decision if you've not bought your DC. :)

i guess hearing other people's experience does matter a lot when it comes to buying a DC but when it comes to the crunch, it's how comfortable you feel with the DC at the point of purchase that really makes the decision.

if you're comfortable with the machine, you'd tend to want to play with it more and it's easier to learn it inside out compared to something which you don't really like. :)

Personally, the G2 is hampered by poor egronomics. I never managed to get a proper grip that I'm comfortable with.

that is one - point for the G2. the grip is somewhat awkward and insufficient for quite a weighty camera. but i balance that with my left hand holding the camera body.

but i like the placements of the buttons which can be easily accessed with the right thumb. :)

pity canon doesn't have a power grip like the CP5k for the G2.

I finally bought Nikon Coolpix 5000!

I tried all of them.

PS G2.
I don't understand why people @ Canon design G2 model like that. It looks like a brick to me. And yes the grip is awkward, buttons spread everywhere. I need both of hands to operate this thing!

That lens, ARGH! I have to use my left hand just to hold it. Even if I don’t play with the zoom I don’t think my right hand strong enough to hold this camera for long time. I feel discomfort carrying it in remote places.
All of my audio/video equipment at home are Sony but this camera is just not for me.

Coolpix 5000.
It’s black (we all know that, but don’t you think a camera should be black?)
I always thought this one is big. I was wrong. It’s just nice in my palm. Not like F707 I don’t need to attach camera strap to carry it, put it in my jacket will do. All buttons are there, reachable by my thumb and my forefinger. Material doesn’t looks cheap.
I think I will fall in love with this camera soon.
Battery last for 2 hours, charging time half an hour I guest. A spare battery is a must.

Thanks for Vincent @ Cathay Photo who help me to check my camera for hot/dead/stuck pixel.
Shadus, Bluestrike, desmondwong and YSLee, thank you guys.

This is my first shot. Sorry I don’t have interesting object in my room to share with you all. No time to read yet (the pocket size manual somewhat a bit confusing). So many things to learn. Just point and shoot.




what you detest of the F707 is exactly what i like! the SLR feeling of it. holding the lens in the left, operating the camera with the right......... :)

welcome to the macro club
nikon digital camera users automatically join it. haha

i own a G2 :)


If you have problem with the buttom placement, find a big ring and attach it to the right eyelet provided. Put yout right forefinger in and you can operate/use all the buttons without having any fear to drop your expensive toy. Works for me!

How about you desmondwong? Want to replace you G2 with CP 5K + big ring? :bsmilie:



i don't need the ring thing coz the G2's shutter release is at the top and not on the grip like the CP 5k

however, i'd rather have the security of having a camera strap round my neck and using my left hand to support the camera. not only to keep the camera secured but also to stablise the camera in slow shutter situations.

Originally posted by Bimo
PS G2.
I don't understand why people @ Canon design G2 model like that. It looks like a brick to me. And yes the grip is awkward, buttons spread everywhere. I need both of hands to operate this thing!
Thank God, despite my big hands, I have no problem gripping the G2. Like desmondwong, I use my left hand to hold the camera steady as well.

Good luck on your purchase!


Hi bimo,

Interested to know how much you managed to get the camera for.


I tot I would never see the day Shadus say that G2 has merits over the CP5K after he bought the latter..:bsmilie: :bsmilie: :bsmilie:

Originally posted by YSLee
the G2 is hampered by poor egronomics. I .

very true!... just lack the feel... feel much like those $50 point n shoot camera... its form sucks big time... hate the way its zoom button operates...

You know, I always feel that having a nice viewfinder allows you to hold your camera stable. You can tuck your arms against the body and your camera into your face. And I like a big camera, easier to hold for a stable shot compared to a tiny one.

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